Disagreeable objects to be thrown away, Alberto Giacometti

Disagreeable objects to be thrown away, Alberto Giacometti



Yuz Museum space – Shanghai, March 2016 – opening countdown

“It is impossible to do a thing the way I see it because the closer I get the more differently I see.”

Alberto Giacometti’s art creates a profound experience of figure and space. His work is at once conceptual and emotional, anonymous and specific, ancient and modern.

Throughout his career, his sculptures, paintings, and drawings were described as Cubist, Surrealist, Existentialist, and Expressionist.

Alberto Giacometti is an artists that embodied the spirit of modernism into his epoch. As a Surrealist in the 1930s, he devised innovative creative forms objects with metaphorical and interactive functions. And as an Existentialist after the war, he led the way in creating a style that summed up the humanistic spirit of the 20th century interests in perception, alienation and anxiety.

Giacometti sees empty space everywhere and his “things” moving in a latent, suggestive way. His characteristic figures are extremely thin and attenuated, stretched vertically until they are mere wisps of the human form.


“I spent my whole life trying to create a decent head”.


#Experience:   Some were influenced by primitive art, a lot of time spent in his studio and in his mountain, a lot of time spent in meeting great people like André Breton, Max Ernst, Jean-Paul Sartre and his translator who posed for “dark heads”, Matisse and Eli Lotar.

#Disagreeable Object To Be Thrown Away:   The creation of decorative art objects shows Giacometti’s interest in utilitarian objects which he admired in ancient and primitive societies. In 1931, Giacometti created a new typology of sculptures, which he called “mobile and mute objects” – things moving in a latent, suggestive way, which he had made of wood by a carpenter. Like the Disagreeable Object and the Disagreeable Object To Be Thrown Away, the Suspended Ball established a bridge between object and sculpture, and challenged the actual status of the work of art.

#Love:   He marries Annette Arm (1923-1993), who becomes one his favourite models.

#Dead:   Giacometti dies of heart failure at Coire Hospital on 11 January and is buried at Borgonovo cemetery.


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