I am Paolo

Designer & Thinker

I am Paolo

I am a creative Italian designer who has focused his career on the development of creative concepts for graphic design, marketing, advertising and industrial design publications, from print to retail to digital with over 15 years of experience.





I am highly skilled in all aspects of my field, including concept development, final product delivery and finally ensuring successful outcomes.

I have developed these using my previous work experience such as being part of Diesel’s Creative Team in Italy, Head of Graphic Design for LTB in Istanbul, Creative Manager for Kappa in Beijing and Creative Director of Equancy in Shanghai.

I have been working in areas covering: brand identity, design, advertising, communication, marketing, fashion and shopping experience.

In my work I put heavy emphasis on visuals and design concepts and on build and integrate the interaction between product, advertising, packaging, POP materials, including graphic and digital design.

…by the way I still love designing and it makes me happy!



Let´s talk

I am always looking for new challenges and interesting parterns. Also, I love to say hello. Contact

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